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Student Recommendation - 吳實宇

Hello, I am 吳實宇!

In Comics & Animation Festival in 2016, I came across AERY, a brand that designs graphic tablets.

Later on, I collaborated with AERY to work on SAI instructional videos, which has accumulated 180 thousand clicks so far.

In 2018, my work was selected for the cover of “PF8616 packing box”.

It was fantastic to see my own illustrated work being transformed into a packing box on the shelf, which makes me feel more confident about developing and advancing my own interests.

I am serializing shoujo manga in a publishing company now.

AERY has also upgraded its pressure-sensitive eraser pen, with linear and pressure sensitivity greatly promoted.

If you have the demand for a graphic tablet, I will recommend Aery graphic tablet, especially for those who don’t have much budget.

For those who are interested in drawing animation, you can click the link here to follow my Facebook Fanpage!



Hello, I am 小實, a boy likes to draw comics and studies in an university in Kaohsiung .

Before using graphic tablet, I finished my works by hand painting.

Later, I was interested in digital drawing and thought digital drawing can do the drawing that hand painting can’t do.

Therefore, I bought my graphic tablet this year and started to discover SAI and my graphic tablet.

Because the painting courses are a little bit expensive, I learned the drawing skills step by step by myself.

At first, I was not able to use some functions in SAI. I would watch some painters’ videos on Youtube to observe their drawing skills and learn from them.

After practicing for a while, I would be able to discover my favorite drawing style.

Although I didn’t spend lots of time on digital drawing, I tried to point out some problems when I learned digital drawing in these three videos.

Hope that with these three videos, beginners will be able to be familiar with the functions of SAI more quickly.


It’s necessary to buy a graphic tablet when you want to learn digital drawing.

At first, I bought a 6”x4” graphic tablet with 1024 level pressure sensitivity from a famous brand.

Because of the price and the suggestions from my friends, I bought a small size graphic tablet with affordable price.

This one is useful, for its size is small, which is convenient for me to carry it everywhere.

Moreover, I could draw on it fluently. However, some of the shortcut keys were not available (probably not compatible with my computer or software).

Furthermore, when I wanted to make the lines thicker, it was hard to modify the lines one by one, which took me more time to finish my work.

Later, I used AERY 8”x6” graphic tablet. I was totally surprised after using. Because of its big mapping area, I can draw on bigger space, which is more comfortable to my hands when drawing.

With 2024 level pressure sensitivity, it’s more fluent than painting on paper. Therefore, it saves me a lot of time!

Because of the Comics & Animation Festival, I was able to know AERY, a graphic tablet brand in twain.

AERY is dedicated to helping students. Also, AERY provides free refills, which is very thoughtful. I really hope that there will be more and more people get to AERY!

All in all, AERY graphic tablets are useful. More importantly, the price is ideal.

For those who are considering buying or replacing a new graphic tablet with ideal price, I would recommend AERY!