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UGtizer Corp. has engaged in the R&D of pen input devices since 1996. Today, UGtizer Corp. boasts its own manufacturing plant, R&D center and its very own “AERY” brand sales channels. 

Over the past nineteen years, our R&D team has dedicated its time to the improvement of design and manufacturing process for pen input devices. In addition, our self-developed drivers and software (compatible with most professional drawing software programs) can rival Japanese brands in terms of linearity and pressure sensitivity.

Furthermore, we have successfully assisted our OEM/ODM clients in creating dozens of renown brands, with products being sold in more than 40 countries, including America, Europeans countries, Japan, India and Turkey. These OEM clients are able to retain their position as the second largest brand of the their respective local graphic tablet market.

To establish our brand, UGtizer’s own “AERY” brand was officially launched 2009 and was receiving acclaims in Japan’s online markets. In 2010, AERY’s products were widely distributed in Taiwan’s advertising, fine arts and design-related school departments; acquiring praise and support through group purchases made by more than 50 technological & vocational schools and technical institutes. It was then that AERY’s market niche as professional users was established.