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3 mins Reading》Ten Way Reviews: Must- see for beginners!

What are the reviews of Ten Way- the recommended graphic tablets in 2021?
Where can I find the unboxing videos and articles of Ten Way?
What are the differences between Ten Way, the latest version of the graphic tablet, and PD1061?
Don’t worry, you’ll be able the grasp the information in the following article!

1. What are the differences between Ten Way, the latest version of the graphic tablet, and PD1061?

Price Comparison Table

Ten Way FP1061  Winner
Pressure Sensitivity 8192 Level 
8192 Level 
The Same
Resolution 5080 LPI 5080 LPI
The Same
Mapping Area 10"x6" 9.6"x6" PF1061
Function Keys 1 Turning Pad+7 Physical Keys 
1 Turning Pad+5 Physical Keys 
Ten Way
Surface Features Stimulated paper, more Anti-scratch & Anti- slip Anti- scratch & Anti- slip
Ten Way
3490 NTD 3490 NTDThe Same
Digital Pen P90 MIT Battery-free Pressure-sensitive Eraser Pen
P80 Battery-free Pressure-sensitive Eraser Pen
Ten Way

2. What are the differences between P90 digital pen and P80 digital pen?

Comparison Table

MIT P90 Digital Pen P80 Digital Pen
Pressure Sensitivity
8192 Level8192 Level
Enhanced Linearity
Basic Linearity
Battery & Eraser
Battery-free Pressure-sensitive Eraser Pen
Battery-free Pressure-sensitive Eraser Pen
790 NTD 590 NTD

3. Are there any unboxing videos or articles of Ten Way from bloggers?

1. Famous diagram text writer on Instagram – Yuanchi

2. Aesthetic designer-薛零六Bess Shiue

3. Professional & senior reviewer – Ayao’s Artwork

Blogger – 御宅天下
(Unboxing)【AERY】 New Aesthetic Graphic Tablet- Ten Way, Taiwanese Brand for Beginners to Own with Ideal Price! 
Blogger – 水角 ( Mother )
【3C unboxing】Evaluation of AERY Professional Graphic Tablets. The First Choice for Beginners! Ten Way/ Classic Blue/  Free Refills are Provided Permanently.
Blogger-Bonnie ( Familiar with Evaluating Products )
Unboxing|AERY Professional Graphic Tablet from Taiwan. Use Ten Way to Create LINE Stickers. 
Blogger – 雞蛋貓 ( Professional Teacher of Design Department )
Recommended Graphic Tablets with High Value.│Aery Ten Way. Popular Among Students from Department of Commercial Design and Illustrators.  Together with Battery-free Pressure-sensitive Eraser Pen made in Taiwan. 
Blogger-Leona Fun Life
3C Recommendation|AERY from Taiwan- Ten Way Professional Graphic Tablet - Easy to Handle. Buy it Get a Free Digital Pen |Recommended Graphic Tablets in 2021
Blogger-林班班(Petite Bourgeoisie Girl)
【AERY】Ten Way Unboxing Experience  | Taiwanese Brand | Professional Graphic Tablet with High Value | Practical Function Shortcuts |
Blogger – 細菌先生 ( Famous LINE Sticker Painter)
【Recommended Graphic Tablet for LINE Stickers Creators】AERY Ten Way|Professional Graphic Tablet Lifetime warranty | Free Refills provided Taiwanese Brand 
Blogger – ㄚ琪
【Unboxing Experience】New Arrival-My Favorite Graphic Tablet - AERY Ten Way, Taiwanese Brand with Excellent Quality and Ideal price
Blogger – 30cm起跳的鄉民之家
Professional Graphic Tablet from Taiwanese Brand【AERY Ten Way】- Draw with Your Own Style
Blogger – 小冰
[Professional Graphic Tablet] Taiwanese Brand- AERY Ten Way x MIT P90 Battery-free Pressure-sensitive Eraser Pen ★°

4. What are the differences between Aery Ten Way and other graphic tablets from other brands?

Similar Graphic Tablets from Different Brands
Model Ten Way Intuos  Pro Deco02
Mapping Area 10"x6" 8.7"x5.8"10"x6"
Digital Pen Pressure-sensitive Eraser Pen
Pressure-sensitive Eraser Pen
Pressure-sensitive Eraser Pen
Pressure Sensitivity
8192 Level 8192 Level 8192 Level
Price 3490 NTD 7090-10900 NTD 3690 NTD

5. Where can I purchase Ten way? Is there any discount provided?