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3 mins Reading》Best Monitor Graphic Tablets in 2021

How to choose my ideal monitor graphic tablet?
How to evaluate the specifications of a monitor graphic tablet?
What are the differences between the general graphic tablet, the monitor one, and the tablet PC?
How about the comparison of monitor graphic tablet from different brands?
Don’t worry! This article will discover the above information!

1. What are the differences among monitor graphic tablet, general graphic tablet, and tablet PC?

(1) Graphic Tablet:
Graphic tablets can connect to drawing software, such as PS, AI, etc, which makes it easy for designers to design their artworks instead of using the computer mouse. Also, graphic pens provide shortcut keys. This helps users to draw conveniently and efficiently. Moreover, designers can have a more realistic drawing experience with graphic tablets.

(2) Monitor Graphic Tablet :
This kind of graphic tablet can connect to computer drawing software. Unlike general graphic tablets, it provides better efficacy. Equipped with an LCD screen, it can display drawing software on the screen. Therefore, users can operate in a direct, convenient, and efficient way.

(3) Tablet PC:
Similar to monitor graphic tablets, it provides a convenient and direct way for users to operate. However, it can’t connect to digital illustration software. It can only connect to software on the tablet, then upload the file to the computer. This is not that convenient because of the incompatible issues on different systems. On the other hand, the advantage of tablets is they are easy to carry. It’s not necessary to connect to a computer. As for IPad made by Apple, they design Apple pencil with pressure sense, which is popular among Apple users. However, the price is very high.

2. What are the major differences between monitor graphic tablet and tablet PC?

Comparison Table - Monitor Graphic Tablet & Tablet PC 
Comparison Monitor Graphic Tablet ( A-one ) Tablet PC ( IPAD ) Winner
Portability Connect to Computers Carried Easily IPAD
Dual Monitors O XA-one
Mapping Area 21.5- Inch 12.9- Inch A-one
Hot Key 6+5 Virtual Hot Keys X A-one
Digital Pen P70 Eraser Pen Need to Buy Apple pencil A-one
Detailedness More Detailed Limited by the Size of the ScreenA-one
Price 16900 NTD About 20,000 ~ 40,000 NTD A-one

3.What are the specifications and functions needed to notice?

(1) Pen Pressure Sensitivity:
The higher level of pressure sensitivity, the more detailed pen strokes would be. That is to say, the pressure sensitivity system of graphic tablets would affect the brightness, thickness, and color of the line. What’s more, graphic tablets with better pressure sensitivity would not be inferior to hand drawing!
The level of pen pressure sensitivity8192 Level > 4096 Level > 2048 Level

(2) Features:
The use of different monitor graphic tablets varies from different brands. Such as some monitor graphic tablets are not equipped with a tilt-adjustable stand and dual monitor function. Therefore, it can only be placed on the table to draw. For the monitor graphic tablets with better specifications, they are equipped with tilt-adjustable stands, or dual monitors, which can be more convenient and help improve working efficiency. 

(3) Surface Specifications:
The material and the specification of the surface are two things that need to notice.  The surface is different from televisions and tablet PC. A better surface would be made of a matte surface. Therefore, the surface would not be scratched easily. The other thing that painters need to notice is the resolution and the color gamut of the monitor. Better monitor with higher resolution and color gamut provide detailed color. 

(4) The Number of Hot Keys and Functions:
This is one of the details that most painters care about. After all, not all the graphic tablet brands consider hotkeys important. Their graphic tablets are equipped with volume buttons or power buttons. On the other hand, for those who value hotkeys, they provide hotkeys with convenient functions, such as undo, zoom in/ out. Therefore, before buying, it’s suggested to make sure if there’s any hotkey to enjoy a better drawing experience. 

(5) Mapping Area ( Size ):
The size of the mapping area is also what painters need to notice. Many painters buy monitor graphic tablets with smaller mapping areas because of the price. However, they find out that, unlike general graphic tablets which painters can draw on them while watching the computer screen, painters who use monitor graphic tablets need to edit their works on the monitor itself. This may cause eyestrain. To sum up, it’s important to consider the size of the mapping area before buying.

4. What are the monitor graphic tablet brands and the price range they provide?

Price Table
Brands Features Price Reviews from PTT
Wacom ( Japan ) Undelayed technique
11330~119900 NTD
Excellent using experience

Excellent user using experience
Complicated product line
AERY ( Taiwan ) Aesthetic graphic tablet with ideal price 16900 NTDBudget graphic tablet with high performance

Popular among teachers and students
Good after-sell service & small capacity driver
HUION繪王 ( China )
Graphic tablet with ideal price
9939~22900 NTD
Small market share outside Taiwan

Simple appearance

Viewsonic ( U.S.A. ) Monitor manufacturer in the U.S. 4990~10900 NTD Small size graphic tablet

XP-Pen ( China ) Budget Graphic Tablet
13900~15900 NTD
Aims at providing budget graphic tablets with high performance

5.Is there any recommended monitor graphic tablet?


A- one pen display is equipped with a monitor. After connecting to computers, its dual monitors function can improve working efficiency. Users can draw on the monitor directly. With up to 92% NTSC, the color it displays is brighter, which can make users enjoy the magnificence by sight.

Furthermore, its matte surface simulates the paper friction coefficient, which makes it hard to slip when using digital pens. With an anti-glare screen, it can prevent painters’ eyes from eye-straining. If you are a painter who considers profession important, we highly recommend this monitor graphic tablet. Compared with other brands, A-one does not only provide an ideal price but also is ergonomic. 
A-ONE Product Information
Pressure Sensitivity & Digital Pen: 8192 Level+P70 Digital Pen
Adjustable Tilt Stand: 20~80°
Monitor: 1920x1080、92 % NTSC 
Screen Details: AU Panel, AG Frosted Glass
Hot Keys : 6 Virtual Shortcuts+5 Screen Touch Buttons
Mapping Area : 21.5 - Inch, Dual Monitors

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