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3 mins Reading》Best Pen Digitizer in 2021

What are the differences between pen digitizers and graphic tablets?
What are the common pen digitizers on the market?
How to choose a suitable pen digitizer?

QA1>What are the differences between pen digitizers, graphic tablets, and tablets PCs?

(1) Pen Digitizer:
Many people can’t distinguish pen tablets from graphic tablets. In fact, pen tablets can be regarded as “e-notebook”. They are often used in meetings, teaching, or discussing team skills. The price of pen tablets is usually under a thousand dollars. However, most of the pen tablets can’t connect to computer drawing software. They can only upload files to computers. Also, the pens aren't equipped with pressure sensitivity function, such as the Xiaomi pen tablet. On the other hand, some of the pen tablets from well-known brands can connect to computers to draw artworks.

(2) Graphic Tablet:
Graphic tablets can connect to drawing software, such as PS, AI, etc, which makes it easy for designers to design their artworks instead of using the computer mouse. Also, graphic pens provide shortcut keys. This helps users to draw conveniently and efficiently. Moreover, designers can have a more realistic drawing experience with graphic tablets.

(3) Monitor Graphic Tablet :
This kind of graphic tablet can connect to computer drawing software. Unlike general graphic tablets, it provides better efficacy. Equipped with an LCD screen, it can display drawing software on the screen. Therefore, users can operate in a direct, convenient, and efficient way.

(4) Tablet PC:
Similar to monitor graphic tablets, it provides a convenient and direct way for users to operate. However, it can’t connect to digital illustration software. It can only connect to software installed on the tablet and then upload the file to the computer. This is not that convenient because of the incompatible issues on different systems. On the other hand, the advantage of tablets is they are easy to carry. It’s not necessary to connect to the computer. As for IPad made by Apple, they design Apple pencil with pressure sense, which is popular among Apple users. However, the price is very high.

QA2> What are the common pen digitizers on the market?

(1) LCD Blackboard

It’s widely used for kids to draw, for teams to discuss the tactics, for meetings, or for restaurants to display menus. However, it is not able to save files. It’s easy to use without reading the manual. Notice that it can’t save files or edit pictures on computers. Moreover, there’s only one pen color.

The Price of Xiaomi Mijia LCD Blackboard: 495 NTD

(2) Pen Digitizer ( Similar to graphic tablet)

It can connect to computers to replace the mouse. Therefore, many teachers use it as a tool for online teaching on Google Meet, Zoom, Jamboard, etc. 

Aside from remote annotation, it can replace a mouse. Users can use Chinese input method editor that is built-in in windows. 

It supports more than 30 digital illustrate software such as AI, PS, CSP, SAI.
 Therefore, it can be used as a light graphic tablet, which is suitable for people who want to try digital illustration

QA3>Which one should I buy, pen digitizer or graphic tablet?

Many people fail to distinguish the differences between pen digitizers and graphic tablets. The following is the detailed information of these two.

If you are a teacher and you want to buy a tool for online teaching or simple drawing-

We suggest you buy PD5548U. For some turntable wheel control on graphic tablets are not compatible with Office software. Furthermore, you don’t have to buy graphic tablets with excellent pressure sensitivity level and resolution for drawing and annotating.

If you are a student from the design department or you want to try professional drawing-

We suggest you buy common graphic tablets with turntable wheel control and are compatible with digital illustration software. Take Ten Way, for example. 


What are the recommended pen digitizers and graphic tablets?

Price Table
Ten Way
Turntable Pad + Physical ShortcutsNoNo1 Turntable Pad+5 Physical Shortcuts1 Turntable Pad +7 Physical Shortcuts
Working Area5.5"x4"8"x6"8"x6"9.6"x6"
Digital PenP60 Digital PenP80 Pressure Sensitive Eraser PenP80 Pressure Sensitive Eraser PenP90 Pressure Sensitive Eraser Pen
Pressure Sensitivity & Resolution20488192、5080LPI8192、5080LPI8192、5080LPI
Price990 NTD
1990 NTD2990 NTD
3490 NTD