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3 mins Reading》Guidelines for Creating LINE stickers!

Do you want to create LINE stickers but you don’t know how to start?
What are the things you need to notice when you create your own LINE stickers?
What is the recommended graphic tablet for creating LINE stickers?
What are the rules you need to notice when creating LINE stickers for making a living?
Don’ worry. You will be able to find the solutions in the following article.

1.What is the regulation of LINE stickers?

Quantity Resolution Remarks
Main Image 1 W 240 x H 240
Sticker Images Either 8、16、24、32、40 W 370 x H 320 350 x 300 is suggested
Chat Thumbnail Icon
1W96 x H 74
*Data Source: LINE Creation Guidelines

• Select your number of stickers from the Manage Stickers page. You can change this number freely before submission.
• All sizes are in pixels.
• All images must be submitted in PNG format.
• Sticker images will be resized automatically. Please ensure the image has an even-numbered height and width.
• Use a resolution of at least 72 dpi and RGB color mode.
• The maximum filesize for each image is 1 MB.
• If submitting all images in a single ZIP file, make sure the ZIP file is 20 MB or less.
• Image backgrounds must be transparent.

LINE Sticker- Text(LINE Creation Guidelines)
Creator Sticker Title Sticker Description Copyright
Up to 50 charactersUp to 40 charactersUp to 160 charactersUp to 50 characters
* Asian language characters and some symbols count as 2 characters each.

2.What kind of LINE stickers would be deleted for violating the guidelines?
It’s suggested to create original characters instead of public figures, or the stickers would be reported and would be no longer sold.

Non-Recommended Stickers
• Stickers that are difficult to use in daily conversation, such as objects and scenery.
• Stickers that have poor visibility, such as pictures that are too long or full-length illustrations of tall characters.
• Sets that significantly lack variety, such as stickers made up purely of pale colors or strings of numbers.
• Content that offends public order and morality, is suggestive of under-age drinking or smoking, contain sexual or violent imagery, or may fuel nationalism.

Other Notes
• Stickers for sale may not be used for advertising purposes. Please do not include any form of advertisement in the sticker images, titles, and text descriptions, such as the announcements of product release dates, or submit stickers featuring only corporate logos.
• Stickers that require users to provide their personal data or IDs for purchase are strictly prohibited.
Content that mentions any internet service, messenger app, or similar services, or consists of any characters related to such services may not be sold in the Creators Market.

3. What kind of graphic tools I should choose when creating my own stickers?
It’s almost impossible to create delicate stickers only with a mouse. Basically, it’s suggested to create stickers with IPad or graphic tablets.
You can see the differences in the following table.

Comparison Table- Graphic Tablets & IPAD 
Comparison  Graphic Tablets (Ten Way) IPAD(APPLE) Winner
Connect to Computers Easily Carried IPAD
Directness Without Screen. Take time to familiarize yourself with functions.  Draw on the Screen DirectlyIPAD
Mapping Area 10"x6" 12 Inches The Same
Turning Pad + Shortcut Keys 1 Turning Pad+7 Shortcut Keys X Graphic Tablet
Digital Pen P90 Battery-free Eraser Pen  Apple pencil Sold Seperately Graphic Tablet
Detailedness More detailed when conned to computers Limited by the size of the screen Graphic Tablet
Price 3490 NTD 20,000 ~ 30,000 NTD Graphic Tablet

We suggest that it’s better to use graphic tablets connected to computers to create your stickers. After all, LINE stipulates that the stickers should be uploaded by computers, and also, you’ll need to create a big amount of pictures during creating. 
Therefore, using graphic tablets with computers would be an efficient decision.

* Using graphic tablets with turning pads and shortcuts keys would improve work efficiency. 
Here is an example video a from popular illustrator :

4. Are there any recommended graphic tablets for creating LINE stickers?
Famous LINE original sticker creator - Mr. Germ

He recommended Ten Way after using:

●New Version – MIT P90 Battery-free Pressure Sensitive Eraser Pen 8192 Level pressure sensitivity
●Turning pad + Shortcut keys – Customize your own shortcuts to improve work efficiency
With a 9.6"x6" Mapping Area similar to A4 
●Stimulated Paper Surface – Anti-scratch & Anti-slip
●Small Capacity Driver – Stable, Easily installed, Frequently updated
●Free refills are provided permanently.

Original LINE sticker creator, Mr. Germ, experienced AERY Ten Way to create cute and funny stickers, For those who are interested in creating LINE stickers, don’t hesitate!

5. What’s the profit-sharing of LINE stickers?
Profit-Sharing Table (For selling one set of stickers)
Charge Items
Percentage 50 LINE COINS (88 Japanese Yen)
Service Fee from Apple & Google+ LINE 30 %+50 % 88x0.7x0.5=30.8 Japanese Yen
Income Tax from Japan 10 %
30.6x0.9=27.72 Japanese Yen
Remittance Cost from Paypal & E. Sun Bank 2 % + 2.5 % 27.72x0.95=26.334 Japanese Yen
Final Profit About 30 % About 8 NTD

The profit of stickers is counted based on the Japanese Yen. Therefore, creators can account for what they can get in the end from the following examples.

1 LINE coins = 1.76 Japanese Yen

(1) Suppose one set of stickers is sold for 30 NTD ( Equals 50 LINE coins)

  50 LINE coins x 1.76 Japanese Yen = 88 Japanese Yen.

(2) Then creators would be charged a 30 % service fee from Apple or Google. Also, creators would be charged by LINE for 50 % of their profit.
     This amount of money can be seen in the creators’ selling report.

  88 Japanese Yen x 0.7( service fee from Apple or Google) = 61.6 Japanese Yen
     61.6 Japanese Yen x 0.5( charged by LINE) = 30.8 Japanese Yen

     Notice! The 30.8 Japanese Yen is not the exact amount of money a creator can get!

(3) After creators apply for the remitting, LINE would charge a 10% income tax from Japan.
  30.8 Japanese Yen * 0.9 = 27.72 Japanese Yen

(4) Creators would be charged a 2% remittance cost to remit money from LINE to Paypal. Next, they would be charged a 2.5% remittance cost to remit foreign currency from Paypal to E.Sun Bank. 
 27.72 Japanese Yen * 0.95(remittance cost) = 26.334 
   After changing the Japanese Yen into New Taiwan Dollars, creators can get about 8 NTD from a set of stickers.

Basically, creators can get about 8 NTD from a set of stickers, which is a small amount of money. 
Therefore, the purpose of most of the creators is for entertainment purposes if they don’t sell a large number of stickers. It’s hard for them to make a living by doing so. However, as a creator, creating stickers can be regarded as a sense of achievement!