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Aesthetic Design》Recommended graphic tablets for Mac

What is the recommended graphic tablet for MAC?
Is the driver compatible with Macbook?
Don’t worry, check out this article to find out!

1. Are graphic tablets on the market compatible with MAC?

Basically, no matter your computer is Windows OS or MAC OS, if the drawing software is compatible with the system, then it can be sure that it is compatible with graphic tablets.
However, before buying graphic tablets, it’s suggested to check if there’s any available driver for Macbook.

Some graphic tablets brands with small market share don’t provide driver for Macbook. Therefore, customers should check before buying, or try to buy graphic tablets from brands with larger market share. 
The five brands in Taiwan all provide driver compatible with Mac OS. 
Notice that aside from the compatibility of driver, the size of driver, easiness of installment would affect user experience. Therefore, it would be more convenient to choose driver software with small size and easy- installing. The following tables are the information on popular graphic tablets on the market.

Comparison Table
Model Ten Way Intuos  Pro Deco02
Mapping Area 10"x6" 8.7"x5.8"10"x6"
Digital Pen & Pressure Sensitivity Pressure Sensitive Eraser Pen & 8121 Level Pressure Sensitive Eraser Pen & 8121 Level
Pressure Sensitive Eraser Pen & 8121 Level
Size of Driver
4M、Rapid & Stable About 30M 15~30M
Price 3490 NTD 7090-10900 NTD 3690 NTD

2. Are there any famous graphic brands on the market?

Information Table
Brands Feature Price Reviews from PTT
Wacom Undelayed technique
2590~11990 NTD
Excellent using experience

Excellent user using experience

High price & complicated product line
AERY Aesthetic graphic tablet with ideal price
990~16900 NTDIdeal price and high performance

Popular among teachers and students

Good after-sell service& Small capacity driver
HUION繪王 Graphic tablet with ideal price
1980~24900 NTD
Simple appearance that was awarded

Simple appearance

Small market share outside Taiwan
Viewsonic Graphic tablet with ideal price
1990~19900 NTD Hipsiters’ best choice. Less function

Simple appearance

Best choice for both personal use and gift
XP-PEN Muti- functions
1490~15900 NTD
Many function keys and turning pads

Low price graphic tablets

3. Are there any famous designers using MAC?

We recommend an aesthetic designer for you-薛零六Bess Shiue

Aside from makeup, she is also skilled at using MAC with graphic tablets.
Her Youtube channel including teaching videos about MAC OS, design on MAC, etc. 
Because of her profound experience of design, she usually holds exhibitions and is invited to be the judge in many competitions. 
For those designers using MAC, you can check out her Youtube channel!

4.I like to do aesthetic design, what is the recommended graphic tablet for MacBook?

Recommendation from 薛零六Bess Shiue  -【AERY】TEN WAY - Professional Graphics Tablet 

【AERY】Ten- Way – Professional Graphic Tablet with Pressure Sensitive Eraser Pen
New Version – MIT P90 Battery-free Pressure Sensitive Eraser Pen 8192 Level pressure sensitivity
Turning pad + Shortcut keys – Customize your own shortcuts to improve work efficiency
With a 9.6"x6" Mapping Area similar to A4 
Stimulated Paper Surface – Anti-scratch & Anti-slip
Small Capacity Driver – Stable, Easily installed, Frequently updated
Free refills are provided permanently.

5.Is there any detailed information about Ten Way?