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Best graphic tablet in 2021: Top 5 graphic tablets recommended by PTT users

What are students' and teachers’ favorite graphic tablets?
Wacom, Aery, XPPen, or Huion?
Don’t worry, this chart below would show you the most popular graphic tablets among PTT users and bloggers!

5. 》Online Education >PD5548U Pen Digitizer

For teachers who are not from the design department and want to do online teaching or do some annotation on slides to show the points to their students. TPD5548U pen digitizer is suitable for them. This not only has an ideal price but also can satisfy teachers’ demands. PD5548U is equipped with a P60 digital pen, which can replace the function of the mouse. Furthermore, by using Penwalker, which is developed by Aery, users can mark the points on the slides. This would help teachers elaborate on the points more efficiently. 

The price of the Pen Digitizer: 990 NTD

4. 》Recommended to Beginners >PF8611 

If you’re a student, it’s must be very hard for you to spend lots of money on graphic tablets. This budget graphic tablet – PF8611, which is under 2,000 NTD, is popular among students and teachers. It can not only help students to finish their works but also is easy to familiarize. It can be regarded as the best choice for beginners!


The Price of the Budget Set: 1990 NTD

PH8611 is recommended by most of the students who major in design and those who are new to drawing. The main reason is because of the low price and good value, even though it can be purchased for under 2000 NTD, it has ideal functions. Furthermore, the full set has a waterproof protective case and a bounce-back pen holder compared to the budget pack. For those who want to protect your graphic and pen well, it’s suggested to buy a full set. 
PF8611Product Information
Pressure Sensitivity: 8192 Level Pressure-Sensitive Eraser
Digital Pen: P80 Battery-free Pressure-sensitive Eraser Pen
Resolution: 5080 LPI
Mapping Area: 8"x6"(M)
Function Keys: 24 Hot Keys

3. 》Recommended to Students>PF8616 

 If you’ve learned some drawing skills and have some pressure from your school homework, then PF8616 can help you work more efficiently. The turntable wheel control can adjust the width of a stroke, which can help you finish your work fast. It’s highly recommended to students from the design department!

Review from PattyDraw- A Famous Blogger

The most obvious difference between PH8611 and PH8616 is that PH8616 has five more bottoms and a turntable wheel control. This replaces the mouse and can help users to work efficiently with a simple click. 
PF8616 Product Information
Pressure sensitivity: 8192 Level Pressure-Sensitive Eraser
Digital pen: P80 Battery-free Pressure-sensitive Eraser Pen
Resolution: 5080LPI
Mapping area: 8"x6"(M)
Function keys: 1 Turntable Pad+5 Physical Keys + 24 HotKeys

2. 》Aesthetic Design >Ten Way Aesthetic Graphic Tablet 

Ten Way is the best graphic tablet among general graphic tablets. It can be regarded as the upgraded version of PF8616 and PF1061. Also, Ten Way is designed by designers and students, which is a milestone in our aesthetic graphic tablets. It appeals to aesthetic designers, LINE sticker creators, and Instagram illustrators and is highly recommended by professional illustrators and designers. 

As a saying goes: “To do a good job, an artisan needs the best tools.” This saying best describes Ten way. Ten way is equipped with twenty-four shortcut keys and a mute turnable wheel control, users can turn pages easily. With a 9.6"x6" mapping area that is almost the same as A4 paper, users can output files directly, which can save the time of cutting images. Also, it helps to reduce the range of arm rotation. With these, users can not only finish their tasks in a short time but also don’t feel any hurt from their backs. 
Ten Way Product Information
Pressure Sensitivity: 8192 Level Pressure-Sensitive Eraser
Digital Pen: New version MIT P90 Battery-free Pressure-sensitive
Resolution: 5080LPI
Mapping Area: 9.6"x6"(L)
Function Keys: 1 Turntable Pad+7 Physical Keys + 24 Hotkeys

1. 》Flagship Model with High Efficiency >A-ONE Monitor Graphic Tablet

This monitor graphic tablet is recommended to professional teachers from the design department and cartoonists, designers, architects, etc. A-one is equipped with a 21-inch LCD panel and adjustable tilt stand. Also, it can connect to computers to serve as dual monitors. These improve working efficiency a lot and can help users draw detailed artworks. For those who can afford the price, we recommend A-one to you. It’s definitely your first choice when choosing monitor graphic tablets at a similar price. 

A- one is different from the graphic tablets introduced above. It can display images both on the computer and on the graphic tablet itself. Users can draw on it directly and modify images immediately, which increases work efficiency. Also, 92% NTSC makes the color more vivid. Users can have a more satisfying experience.

Furthermore, the surface is made from matte and simulates the paper coefficient of friction. Therefore, the pen would not slip easily and the non-glare screen can protect users’ eyesight. If you’re a person particular over the profession, we highly recommend this monitor graphic tablet. Compared to other brands, a one is not only with ideal price, but also is an ergonomic graphic tablet. For those who master painting, it’s a tool that everyone dreams about!
A-ONE Product Information
Pressure Sensitivity & Digital pen: 8192 Level +P70  Pressure-sensitive Eraser Pen
Tilt: 20~80° Adjustable Tilt Stand
Color Gamut: 1920x1080度、92% NTSC 
Screen: AU Panel、AG Frosted Glass
Function Keys: 6 Virtual Shortcuts+ 5 Screen Touch Buttons
Mapping Area: 21.5- Inch, Dual Monitors

Review》Graphic Tablets Top 4 Chart
Top 4 Chart from PTT USers
AERYPF8611PF8616Ten WayA-ONE
Physical ShortcutsX1Turntable Wheel Control+5 Physical Shortcuts
1Turntable Wheel Control+5 Physical Shortcuts6 Virtual Shortcuts
Hot Key2424485
Mapping Area8"x6"8"x6"10"x6"21.5"
Digital PenP80 Pressure Sensitivity Eraser PenP80 Pressure Sensitivity Eraser PenP90 Pressure Sensitivity Eraser PenP70 Digital Pen
Pressure Sensitivity & Resolution8192, 5080LPI8192, 5080LPI8192, 5080LPI8192, 92% NTSC
Price1990 NTD
2990 NTD3490 NTD16900 NTD