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Student Recommendations

AERY cooperates with students to practice the concept " Move your pen, Move the world."

AERY Cooperate with Students

In the summer of 2016 during the period of Comics & Animation Festival, I came across AERY, a brand that produces graphic tablets.
Later on, I collaborated with AERY in producing SAI instructional videos, which has accumulated 180 thousand clicks so far. 
In 2018, my work was selected for the cover of “PF8616 packing box”. 
It was just fantastic to see my own illustrated work being transformed into a packing box on the shelf, which makes me felt more confident about developing and advancing my own interests. 
I am serializing shoujo manga in a publishing company now. AERY has also upgraded its pressure-sensitive eraser pen, with linear and pressure sensitivity greatly promoted.
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“Polaris in Ocean Color” Cartoonist Wu Yu-Sh

Find Interest and Confidence in AERY

My friends call me Pasteurized Milk, a student of Advertising Design Department at Taibei Senior High School. Working as a part-timer at AERY’s booth during the period of Comics & Animation Festival, the work I created on-site was selected for the cover of the brand’s packaging. I could not agree more with AERY’s brand value proposition, which is to listen intently to customers’ needs and assist students in commercializing their artistic works.
Lin Pei-Chi, student at Department of Advertising Design, Taibei Senior High School, 

“AERY Graphic Tablet, Fan Story”

When I first met Liu, he was a student of the Department of Advertisement, St. Francis Xavier High School. After beginning his university studies, he would often drop by our booth during the period of Comics & Animation Festival to say hello. This work was completed within two hours using AERY GT8606 and SAI software during the fair. Significant progress can be seen in both the expression in the eyes and shading of the character.